Eric E. Sweet
Currently acting CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of Scribblers’ Club Eric is lead on the ideation and execution of most client initiatives. His international roster of clients has included Carls’ Jr., Hardees, Walinga, Wine Rack, Brick Brewery, Vex Hard ICE, Growers Apple Cider, Hauser Industries, Perrier, Vittel, Dad’s Rootbeer and many others. Eric’s work is published in design journals and several hard covers available at your local booksellers. He is the recipient of numerous international graphic, industrial and advertising design awards. Eric actively promotes experiential marketing in both a digital and real world sense and encourages customers along that highly transfigurative digital path. To Eric, whether it’s pixel or print, only the best media solution gets the job.
Dash, Lex & Marco!
Robin A. Parsons
Robin’s passion for consistently delivering absolutely the best creative inspires both Scribblers’ Club clients and her team. She manages a diverse clientele that spans distilled beverages, hospitality, agri-business and the high tech sector. It’s work that's gained critical acclaim and international awards. Most importantly it is work that helped clients grow their businesses. Robin shares the helm of Scribblers’ Club.  She is involved with the everyday as well as long term strategic planning for both the club and its clients.
288 Frederick Street
Kitchener, ON
Canada N2H 2N5

P: 519.570.9402

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